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Join the Movement – Choose Excellence

In today’s crazy world of technology we are always plugged in, yet we are often completely disconnected. As parents, educators and business people we need to schedule time to really talk kids and give them the tools to be successful at home, in their relationships with their peers, and at school. Teaching character to our children is necessary to prepare them for college, for 21st century careers, and for life.

Family dinners are the perfect opportunity to connect with children, share the 8 Keys of Excellence, and support families to live their best lives. Sharing time with family on a regular basis also opens the door for better communication.

The benefits of family dinners are clear. Teens who eat regularly with their family are twice as likely to get A’s in school and turn down drugs. A study at Columbia University shows that 81 percent of kids who engage in family dinners are also four times more likely to talk about what is going on in their lives with their parents.

Taking our Core Character Pledge empowers you and your family to build stronger relationships and allows everyone to build character skills at the same time. Be part of the movement to change the lives of 50 million children by 2015.

Code of Character Pledge

We pledge to have a family dinner once a week for 8 weeks to create a code of character for our family.

Each week we will introduce one of the 8 Keys of Excellence at the dinner table and discuss how these guiding set of principles can make a difference in our daily lives.

As a family:

  • We choose to live with Integrity and match our behaviors with our values
  • We choose to acknowledge that Failure Leads To Success and learn from our mistakes
  • We choose to Speak With Good Purpose by speaking honestly and kindly
  • We choose to make the most of every moment - This Is It!
  • We choose to honor our Commitment to make our dreams happen
  • We choose to take Ownership of our actions
  • We choose to embrace Flexibility and be willing to do things differently
  • We choose to maintain Balance and live our best lives
As a family we Choose Excellence.

Interested in other programs Quantum Learning Network has to offer for teens and educators? Read below for more information on our academic summer camp for teens and our education solution for educators.


SuperCamp is the key to increasing grades, confidence and motivation.

SuperCamp is an academic summer camp held on prestigious college campuses where students gain learning, life and career skills to be successful in the 21st century.

For 7-10 days students are immersed in courses, team-building activities and outdoor challenges that inspire them to embrace critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Quantum Learning Education

Quantum Learning is the educational solution for creating engaged students in the 21st Century.

Quantum Learning Education teaches educators how to facilitate effective learning aligned with the common core standards. Through the 8 Keys of Excellence we shift the educational culture unlocking academic achievement and personal excellence.

Quantum Learning Education has already empowered over 70,000 teachers impacting more than 10 million students. Our mission is to change the lives of 50 million children by 2015.