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Learning Forum International and Quantum Learning are partnering with communities across the globe to impact children, parents, educators, businesses and organizations through the 8 Keys of Excellence, the foundation for Communities of Excellence. Together, we are committed to changing the lives of 50 million people..

Take the pledge below and join others in building a Community of Excellence!

“Choosing Excellence empowers all of us–parents, kids, schools, businesses, organizations–to build positive relationships and strong communities. Excellence is defined as good qualities in high degree and building excellence in communities leads to citizens with a solid core of good character.”

– Bobbi DePorter, President, Quantum Learning Network and Learning Forum International
  • “As an ambassador for the 8 Keys of Excellence Character Education Program, Big Blend's SPIRIT OF AMERICA TOUR embraces the challenge of bringing excellence to communities across the country through their live broadcasts from our national parks!” –Nancy Reid and Lisa Smith, Big Blend Magazine Publishers

  • “I believe making character the #1 priority in our district is crucial to our success. We must train our leadership in effective and meaningful implementation of the 8 Keys of Excellence to gain the achievement levels we desire.” –Superintendent Larry Perondi, Oceanside Unified School District, CA – 2013/2014

  • “I would say unequivocally, teachers, community members, and students are very excited about the implementation of the 8 Keys of Excellence. The effort has had a very positive impact on morale, behavior and character education efforts in our schools. Many teachers and parents continue to let me know how the language of the Keys is evident, not only throughout the school, but throughout the community as well.” –Dan St. Romain, Educator, Alamo Heights, TX

  • Superintendent Dr. Randy Watson, McPherson USD, KS jointly created a “Citizenship Ready” character program based on the 8 Keys of Excellence with the QLN team and presented the program to the Kansas State Board of Education where he received the board’s full support. Dr. Watson brought the 8 Keys to the principals, who brought them to the teachers who brought them to the students who brought home to their families. Then parents brought them to their companies, and finally the city council adopted them–McPherson is truly an 8 Keys of Excellence city.

Choose Excellence →

  • We choose to live with Integrity and match our behaviors with our values.
  • We choose to acknowledge that Failure Leads To Success and learn from our mistakes.
  • We choose to Speak with Good Purpose by speaking honestly and kindly.
  • We choose to make the most of every moment – This Is It!
  • We choose to honor our Commitment to make our dreams happen.
  • We choose to take Ownership of our actions.
  • We choose to embrace Flexibility and be willing to do things differently.
  • We choose to maintain Balance and live our best lives.

We Choose Excellence.

Interested in other programs Quantum Learning Network has to offer for teens and educators? Read below for more information on our academic summer camp for teens and our education solution for educators.


SuperCamp is the key to increasing grades, confidence and motivation.

SuperCamp is an academic summer camp held on prestigious college campuses where students gain learning, life and career skills to be successful in the 21st century.

For 7-10 days students are immersed in courses, team-building activities and outdoor challenges that inspire them to embrace critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Quantum Learning Education

Quantum Learning is the educational solution for creating engaged students in the 21st Century.

Quantum Learning Education teaches educators how to facilitate effective learning aligned with the common core standards. Through the 8 Keys of Excellence we shift the educational culture unlocking academic achievement and personal excellence.

Quantum Learning Education has already empowered over 70,000 teachers impacting more than 10 million students. Our mission is to change the lives of 50 million children by 2015.